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"Iowa love" Diecut Vinyl Decal for Vehicles (Large)
"Iowa love" Diecut Vinyl Decal for Vehicles (Large)
"Iowa love" Diecut Vinyl Decal for Vehicles (Large)

"Iowa love" Diecut Vinyl Decal for Vehicles (Large)

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While we do not look down on folks verbally sharing with strangers that they have an affinity for this Midwestern land that we call "Iowa", let us save you some effort by availing for you these expressive "Iowa love" Diecut Vinyl Decals for Vehicles.

Share "Iowa love" with every car (or John Deere 7330) that you pass (or passes you?) on the interstate/highway/gravel or dirt road.

  • Size: 5.5" x 3.9"
  • Material: Durable BOPP (glossy, permanent)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of surfaces can my die-cut stickers stick to?
A:  Die-cut stickers can be stuck to pretty much any surface! Because of their thickness, our die-cut stickers can stick to many uneven facets without tearing. If you wish to remove your die-cut sticker, we recommend applying it to smooth flat surfaces for best results. 

Q: Can I put die-cut stickers on a round surface?
A: Because our vinyl sticker material stretches better than BOPP materials, it is possible to apply them perfectly on rounded surfaces, although they may not adhere well to perfect spheres. 

Q: How thick are your die-cut stickers?
A: Our die-cut stickers are printed on high quality vinyl approximately 0.15mm in thickness, the same thickness as your average cardstock paper. 

Q: Is it difficult to apply my die-cut stickers?
A: Die-cut sticker application is incredibly simple! After peeling the back off your die-cut sticker, we recommend you apply your die-cut sticker starting from the middle first. From there, smooth out any air bubbles with a card and your hand. To remove your die-cut stickers, simple pick an edge or corner and start peeling away (because of their thickness, getting a good grip on a die-cut sticker is effortless). 

Q: What is 'removable adhesive'?
A: Our die-cut stickers are made with durable adhesive that is made to stay strong anywhere you stick it.  However, the durable vinyl material your die-cut stickers are actually made of make it so that you can remove your sticker if you want to reposition it or place it elsewhere.  'Removable adhesive' also means our die-cuts won't leave any sticky residue on your things when you want to change things up.

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