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"Iowa love" 30oz Tumbler

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Do you know those tumblers that keep the ice unmelted seemingly all day? 

That's what this "Iowa love" 30 oz. tumbler is engineered to do thanks to its double wall, vacuum insulated stainless steel construction.

Want proof?

Scroll through the photos - you'll see that we experimented by leaving the tumbler in the "Iowa love"-mobile for two hours with it being 84 degrees outside (much hotter in the car) and voila! we came back to an ice cold Mountain Dew.

The "Iowa love" Symbol is laser engraved through the Royal Blue powder coated finish to deliver rugged durability. It will become your favorite drink ware and will last for years to come - though I know you're for now just focusing on this increasingly hot springtime.

As we try to do with all of our "Iowa love" products - we are working with a local company - our tumblers are laser engraved by Cedar Falls Laser Engraving. (Follow on Facebook.)

Plus, "Iowa love" supports Iowa nonprofits which has only been possible with the support of fellow "Iowa love"-ers making our T-Shirts and other Goods their own. 

(Hey you - if you also tend to drink beverages from cans and bottles, check out our "Iowa love" Neoprene Can Cooler - it's made out of that wetsuit material, not that cheap foam you've been given as a promotional item. Ergo, these keep your beverages cold, and keep your hand(s) dry and not cold!)

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