Shop Local eGift Cards - How It Works


An average of $45 is generated each day participating retailers promote their Gift Card on their social media.

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Supporting local businesses across Iowa is a core component of Our Mission at Iowa love. 

We have introduced this free program to help local retailers across Iowa offer gift cards to their customers and community.

Any local business in Iowa - whether they currently offer gift cards or not - is invited to be added to our site for free.




  • Most basically, how does this program works? 
    • When a customer purchases a 'Gift Card' to your store, we email you the Customer Name, Unique Certificate Number, and Gift Card Value. Then when that customer comes in to your business to redeem their 'card', they will provide you with that information. Then you simply cross-reference the order information we emailed you.
  • How much does this service cost me? 
    • Nothing. "Iowa love" is providing our administrative support as a free service to local businesses during these uncertain and challenging times! (Supporting local businesses is actually a part of our founding Mission.) Your only obligation is to cover the standard processing fees that we incur from payment providers.
  • If I already sell gift cards, is there any point doing this? 
    • We are helping several retailers that already sell their own gift cards. They have chosen to be listed here too because their cards may only be available for purchase in-store or by phone. Or, even if they are offered on their website, this is an additional channel to reach the community.
  • Is there a technical integration with my POS?
    • No, this is a very low-tech solution, though perfect for most small businesses out there. In a nutshell the way this works - when a customer purchases your gift card on our site, we forward to you their contact and order information so you have a record of it when they come in to your store to redeem their gift card.
  • How do I get paid?
    • Methods: Paypal or by check.
    • Timeline: Sent out each Sunday by 8pm for the previous 7 days sales. 



  1. Submit Form: Fill out this Participation Form.
  2. Website Listing: Within 24 hours, the Business Name, Address, and Phone Number is added to the Shop Local e-Gift Card page.


  1. Receive Marketing Collateral: Once added to the site, we email the Retailer with the following:
    1. PNG file of personalized eGift Card
    2. Personalized URL
    3. Recommended messaging to be used in promotions. 
  2. Promotion: 
    1. Retailers that announce their eGift Card is available for purchase to their social media have averaged $55 in eGift Card sales within the first 24 hours.
    2. While it is our goal that our eGift Card website becomes the hub for anybody within our communities to find a gift card to their favorite local businesses. It is essential that all businesses promote their own eGift Card through social media, website, and other channels.


  1. Order Confirmation: Within 2-3 hours of a Customer placing an eGift Card order, we will forward the Customer's Name, Unique Gift Card Number, and Card Value to the Business.
  2. Weekly Report: By 9pm each Sunday, Businesses are emailed a report of all sales made throughout the week.


  1. Payment Methods: Paypal or Check
  2. Payment Amount: 100% of the net income, which is the total value of the sold gift cards less the credit card processing fees we are incurred.
  1. Order: Customer orders a Gift Card on the "Iowa love" Shop Local eGift Card site. 
  2. Automated Email: Customer receives an automated Confirmation Email with an Order Number / Unique Gift Card Number.
  3. Redemption: When the Customer visits the Business, the Customer is to provide their Name and Unique Gift Card Number during check out. The Business then cross references their list of orders with the Customer's information.