Letter to Chambers, Main Street Associations, and Local Retailers

Dated: March 18, 2020

My name is William Heathershaw and I’m the founder of “Iowa love”, a mission-driven apparel & goods brand wholesaling to 40+ locally owned retailers across the state.

I understand that you are entirely focused this week on how to support your small business members during these uncertain times.

And so are we.

On Monday, we published this poll to our Facebook Page Followers asking if they would purchase a gift card from their favorite local retailer “to help them cover overhead today, so they continue to be a part of our community tomorrow.”

80% responded “Yes, I’d purchase.”

So, we decided the best way that we can support our retailer partners is by offering them our recently developed (and free!) Shop Local eGift Cards feature.

This is a solution for small businesses that currently are not able to offer a convenient and simple method for their customers and communities to purchase a gift card.

If you first would like to know how the feature works, you can learn here, or feel free to ask me any questions directly.

Because this feature could certainly be helpful to any locally owned retailer, what would be the best way for me to share this with your member businesses?

Thanks in advance,

William Heathershaw