Pre-Order: "LOVE Is What I Choose" T-Shirt

Pre-Order: "LOVE Is What I Choose" T-Shirt

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(Only $19.95 as a Pre-Order [Full Price: $24.95]. Orders placed before Sunday, September 13 will be fulfilled by Friday, September 18.)

"With November right around the corner, what has already been a challenging time to discuss polarizing topics with anyone with differing views - even with our closest friends and family members - I'm afraid that it is going to become even more difficult.

Sadly, this means that too many of us have seen our relationships with our closest loved ones fractured - and, I have a feeling there will be increased avoidance these next weeks.

There hasn't been a more important time for us to recall that regardless how much our viewpoints mean to us, and even define us, they cannot distract us from what everyone really out to be aiming for - love.

We'd like this to be a simple daily reminder that above all else, there is love.


- William


  • Featured Colors
    • The colors of Cardinal and Sky Blue subtly representing the two major political parties come together to encourage us to choose love. 
  • Material
    • 100% Ringspun Cotton - (a very durable and soft cotton!)
  • Fit
    • Unisex, True-to-Size.
  • Sizes
    • XS - 4XL
  • Local
    • Designed & screen printed in the Cedar Valley
    • Fabric dyed and cut in USA by Bella + Canvas