Is it "Iowa" or is it "love"? Our Symbol show it's both!

Is it "Iowa" or is it "love"? Our Symbol show it's both!

When we first introduced the "Iowa love" T-Shirt in March 2019, we realized quite quickly that "Iowa love" had the potential to support Iowa in many different ways. 

So, we developed Our Mission

Extracted from Our Mission, here are the 5 Ways You Support Local When You Wear "Iowa love" Apparel

1. Family Owned and Operated in the Cedar Valley

We proudly designed the "Iowa love" Symbol in Waterloo and have been running operations and fulfillment in Waterloo and Cedar Falls since our founding in March 2019.

2. Supporting Local Nonprofits

Thanks to "Iowa love"-ers who have purchased our branded apparel and gifts, we've been able to help fundraise more than $7,000 in cash and donate $3,000 of in-kind donations to nonprofits and causes across the state. 

3. "Hometown Retailer Partners"

In addition to our online store we partner with our network of locally owned small retailers in 40 communities across the state.

4. Community of "Iowa love"-ers

We have developed the "Iowa love" Facebook Page into a platform to connect with folks across the state (and country!) that find a special meaning in our mission and the "Iowa love" Symbol. 

5. "Made with 'Iowa love' Artisan Program"

So many of incredible artisans across the state are producing amazing products, but it's often difficult for the community to find and support them. Therefore, our "Made with 'Iowa love' Artisan Program" partners with artisans across the state to produce "Iowa love" branded Gifts such as hand poured soy candles, laser engraved tumblers, hand crafted wall art, hand assembled Christmas ornaments, and hand embroidered tea towels. 

Please consider supporting us and sharing the "Iowa love" by purchasing your own branded apparel or gifts!

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