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Des Moines Register: "Let's Show 'Iowa love' to International College Students"

Des Moines Register: "Let's Show 'Iowa love' to International College Students"

"When I envisioned the "Iowa love" symbol, I didn’t foresee that when many Iowans reflect on the symbol, they feel their deep connection to their home (or host) state. And in some cases, they have been prompted to think more deeply about their own definition of "Iowa love." 

After the symbol was first designed (a cursive script design that simultaneously spells the words "Iowa" and "love" — an optical illusion of sorts), I knew it had to be used for more than just a cool T-shirt design. That’s why it is our founding mission to serve as a vehicle for folks to express their love for their home state while supporting Iowa small businesses and nonprofits.

As such, with the support of Iowans across the state and the country, we have helped raise more than $4,000 through the sale of “Iowa love” T-shirts for natural disaster recovery efforts and family food security here in Iowa over the last five months." 


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