"Iowa love" has arrived to Decorah with Shear Wonders!

We are thrilled to partner with Shear Wonders located in Decorah, Iowa!

Not only has Belva Wemark been a mainstay on Water Street for some years with her salon, but she decided a few months ago to take over the adjoining space and open up a boutique with her daughter Makayla Patterson.

Such a great story of expanding a main street and family business.

Here you can find not only Iowa love Tees, but also our newly released neoprene can coolers!

PS thanks to "Iowa love"-er Amanda Rhine and operator of Discover Happy Pilates Studio for being the first to proudly wear her "Iowa love" Tee in town a few weeks back.

See you all again at Nordic Fest 2019: If You Build It, They Vel-Kommen

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