"Iowa love" T-Shirt Fundraises $1,950 to "Rodney's Kitchen for Kids" Sack Lunch Program

"Iowa love" T-Shirt Fundraises $1,950 to "Rodney's Kitchen for Kids" Sack Lunch Program

"Iowa love" Donations to "Rodney's Kitchen for Kids"

With the generous folks across the Cedar Valley, the state, and the country, "Iowa love" T-Shirts were sold to fundraise $1,950 to support the free sack lunch program organized by "Rodney's Kitchen for Kids".

Rodney Lewis, owner of Rodney’s Kitchen, is into his fourth year providing free sack lunches to children during the summer and holiday vacations. This summer’s program began last week and 336 lunches were distributed between Tuesday and Friday - that’s an average of 84 per day.

The goal of the program is to provide not only nutritious meals, but to regularly offer variety so the children are more likely to seek out the sack lunches as opposed to depending on less nutritional food elsewhere.

Although the program continues to be supported by partner sponsors, the program is not funded indefinitely and the community has voiced their desire to financially support, and even expand, the program.

Enter “Iowa love” T-Shirts.

The launch of our partnership with Rodney’s Kitchen Kids Free Sack Program coincided with "Iowa love"'s 3 month anniversary as an organization.

“Iowa love” was launched as a social enterprise with Mission to

  • Expression - provide an apparel and gifts line enabling folks to express and share their love of Iowa
  • Local Business - partner with locally owned vendors and retailers to boost the state and local economies
  • Iowa nonprofits - share quarterly profits with organizations that live out “Iowa love”

To this end, within the first three months of "Iowa love" being a mere idea, the sale of "Iowa love" T-shirts raised more than $2,000 to support flood relief and recovery efforts in the Sioux City and Council Bluffs areas and tornado recovery efforts at the Floyd County Fairgrounds.

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