“Iowa love” T-Shirt unites food banks serving 70% of Iowa counties to raise awareness & fundraise for September’s “Hunger Action Month”

“Iowa love” T-Shirt unites food banks serving 70% of Iowa counties to raise awareness & fundraise for September’s “Hunger Action Month”


“Iowa love” T-Shirt unites food banks serving 70% of Iowa counties to raise awareness & fundraise for September’s “Hunger Action Month” 

Iowa love, a social enterprise founded in 2019 with a mission of “uniting the millions of folks who want to express their love for their home state while supporting Iowa small businesses, artisans, and nonprofits” is teaming up with Northeast Iowa Food Bank and Food Bank of Iowa to increase awareness and to fundraise for food security efforts during September’s “Hunger Action Month.” 

 A limited edition “Iowa love” T-shirt (features a uniquely designed symbol - a script that simultaneously reads “Iowa” and “love”, depending on how you look at the design) will be available for sale at www.iowalove.org/products/hunger-action through Friday, September 13 with 100% of net proceeds donated to the food bank partners.

 “I was impressed when I read an article that the “Iowa love” T-shirt fundraised nearly $2,000 for free sack lunches for kids in Waterloo back in June, so I knew that William and team would make for a great partner for our Hunger Action Month efforts,” shares Barb Prather, Executive Director of the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.

 September is “Hunger Action Month,” an initiative created to support Feeding America member food banks. Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization that links together a network of food banks, pantries and meal programs across the country. Northeast Iowa Food Bank and Food Bank of Iowa have initiatives planned throughout September to raise awareness of hunger and food insecurity within communities across the 70 Iowa counties they collectively serve. 

Food banks have transformed the ability of food pantries, soup kitchens and similar programs to provide access to nutritious meals within their communities. These nonprofit organizations, there are five in total across Iowa, operate warehousing and fleet operations to receive, process, and warehouse large quantities of food donated by food manufacturers, distributors, grocery stores, and local groups and then distribute to their partners across the counties they serve. This scale and efficiency enables food banks to provide access to as many as 4 meals for every $1 donated.

 The “Iowa love” T-shirt fundraiser is the only program bringing together Hunger Action Month efforts among multiple Iowa food banks, with 100% of net proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt. Accordingly, the average “Iowa love” T-shirt sold during the two-week partnership is estimated to result in 50 donated meals.

 “Hunger Action Month is a time where people all over the country stand together to fight hunger,” says Michelle Book, President and CEO of Food Bank of Iowa. “We are thrilled for the partnership with Iowa love to spread the word about food insecurity throughout the month.”

 “Thanks to the outpouring support from fellow Iowans over these last five months, and our screenprinting partner Shirt Shack of Cedar Falls, we’ve been able to help fundraise more than $4,000 for natural disaster relief and food security efforts in communities like Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Floyd County, and Waterloo. We’re humbled that organizations with such strong regional impact like Northeast Iowa Food Bank and Food Bank of Iowa have provided us this opportunity to enable fellow “Iowa love”-ers to support the children, senior citizens, and hard working families in our communities that are currently experiencing food insecurity,” shares William Heathershaw, founder of “Iowa love”.

 The “Limited Edition: Hunger Action Month “Iowa love” T-shirt in Partnership with Northeast Iowa Food Bank and Food Bank or Iowa” is available to order online at www.iowalove.org/products/hunger-action

 About “Iowa love”

"Iowa love" is a social enterprise founded in 2019 with the mission to partner with Iowa-based vendors and artisans to create apparel and gifts featuring the "Iowa love" Symbol, and to bring the wares to communities across the state through locally owned retailers. With the sale of its apparel and gifts, fellow "Iowa love"-ers are able to express their state pride while benefiting Iowa nonprofits thanks to the donation of 50% of its quarterly profits.

“Iowa love” apparel and gifts are available through local retailers in 40 communities across the state and on its website with screen printing in Cedar Falls and fulfillment operations in Waterloo. To learn more, visit us at www.iowalove.org or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/iowaloveorg/ 

About Northeast Iowa Food Bank

Northeast Iowa Food Bank provides nutritious food and grocery products to about 200 nonprofit organizations and programs who assist the hungry and to individuals who are in need of food assistance to sustain life. Last year, the Food Bank distributed 6.9  million meals within a 16-county service area.                                                                                                                                           
The Food Bank provides eight programs that serve the Community: Member Agency Distribution, Cedar Valley Food Pantry, the Back Pack Program, Kids Cafe, Elderly Nutrition, Mobile Food Pantries, Summer Feeding and a Community Garden. Encompassing all eight of these programs is a commitment to nutrition education. The Food Bank is a member of the Iowa Food Bank Association and Feeding America. For more information, visit www.northeastiowafoodbank.org. 

About Food Bank of Iowa

Food Bank of Iowa is a private, not-for-profit organization committed to its mission of providing food to Iowa children, families and seniors to lead full and active lives, strengthening the communities where they live. Food Bank of Iowa distributes donated food and grocery products through Iowa’s largest network of emergency food providers, consisting of about 625 partner agencies in 55 counties. Last year, Food Bank of Iowa distributed more than 14 million lbs. of food through a network of around 625 partners, including food pantries, homeless shelters, schools, and more. 

To learn more, visit www.foodbankiowa.org or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/foodbankiowa

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