Watch on KWWL: "Iowa love" shirts spreading love for our state

"Iowa love" on KWWL

"Showing pride for our state…

A Cedar Valley man has dedicated his time to showing how passionate people are about Iowa. He’s created “Iowa Love” shirts.

William Heathershaw was driving from Minnesota to Iowa. He saws, “There was the ‘People of Iowa Welcome You’ sign, and I thought it said love instead of Iowa. I thought about that for a long time.”

He eventually worked with designers to create the ‘Iowa Love’ optical illusion.

“50 percent of the people that we asked say it looks like Iowa and others say it looks like love,” he says.

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  • The sweatshirt I ordered was a little tighter fitting that I had hoped. Would it be possible for me to return it and exchange it for a short or long sleeve T-shirt? I love your design and I love the concept behind what you’re doing. Hope to hear from you.

    Mary Buol

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